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Presentations on Food and Agriculture, Selected  


  • "Stories from the Field:  Space, Place, and the Performance of Self." Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, Bloomington, IN, June 2011.2018    

  • “Sustainability, Food, and Beer.” Colgate University Longyear Museum of Anthropology.  April 19. 2018

  • “Selling Local.”  USDA GoodGreens Presentation.  September 28. 2017. With James Farmer.

  • Symposium session chair and presenter. “Applying Definitions of Local.” Performing Diverse Environmentalisms: Expressive Culture at the Crux of Ecological Change.  Indiana University. March 4. 2017.

  • “Making the “Land Connection”:  New Models in the Next Generation of Local, Sustainable Food Farming.” American Anthropological Association. Washington, DC. December. 2014     

  • “Making the Land Connection: Local Food Farms and Sustainability of Place.” Greening of Everyday Life: Reimagining Environmentalism in Postindustrial Societies.  Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.  Munich, Germany.  June 19-21.  Funded participation in symposium.2014     

  • “The Education of New U.S. Farmers: Ethnography, Engagement, and Social Justice.” American Anthropological Association, Montreal. November. 2011.

  • “Folklore Making a Difference for Farmers:  Using Findings toward a New Farm School.”  American Folklore Society, Bloomington, IN. October. 2011.

  • “Environmental Literacy and a Sustainable Teaching Practice: Improving teaching and learning across campus.”  The Schaefer Distinguished Lecturer Program.  Gallaudet University.  April. 2013.

  • “Local Food:  Who Grows It, Who Buys It, and Why Does It Matter?”  Earlham College.  Sponsored by the Peace and Global Studies Department. September.  2012.

  • “Soil as Common Pool Resource.”  Guest presentation for Geology Department, sponsored by Professor Cynthia Fadem.  Earlham College, September. 2012.

  • “Urban Agriculture.”  Guest presentation for Economics Department, sponsored by Professor Jonathan Diskin.  Earlham College, September. 2012.

  • “The Ecology of SoTL:  Influence and Impact of SOTL on a Campus Learning Community about Environmental Literacy.” Illinois State University. March. 2012.  

  • “Performance and Ethnography: Notes from the Field.”  Guest presentation for Folklore students, sponsored by Professor Michael Ann Williams.  Western Kentucky University, October. 2007.

  • “Writing about Public Events.”  Guest presentation for English Department students, sponsored by Professor Wes Berry.  Western Kentucky University, October. 2007.

Presentations on Pedagogy and SOTL, Selected                            

  • "Big Data in Small Places:  SOTL and the Possibilities for Transformation of First-Year Courses.”  Indiana University Southeast, New Albany, Indiana.  Sept 28, 2018.

  • "Scaling up for Learning: Community, Collaboration, and Analytics. P.A. Mack Award Keynote. Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching. Indiana University. Nashville, Indiana. May 20, 2018.

  • “The Future of SOTL:  Promising Models and Opportunities.”  Research on Teaching and Learning: Integrating Practices Conference. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. December 11, 2014.

  • "The Ecology of SOTL:  The Long-Term Impact of a Learning Community on Environmental Literacy.”  International Institute for SOTL Scholars and Mentors, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, June 2012.  

  • “Understanding Grade Surprise: SOTL and Possibilities for Using Big Data in Three First-Year Courses.” International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Bergen, Norway.  October 2018.
  • “HumAn Learning:  Transforming Patterns in the Cultures of College with Learning Analytics and SOTL.”  European Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference.  Lund University, Sweden.  June 2017.

  • Robinson, J. M. Huber, M. T., MacMillan, M. “Finding SOTL Audiences:  Stories of our Field in Publications and Advocacy.” International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Los Angeles.  October, 2016.    

  • “Faculty Inquiry Networks in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.” SOTL Commons Conference, Statesboro, GA, March 2011.

  • “Building Faculty Development Networks.” International Symposium, Future of Faculty Development in Japan:  Building the Core in Faculty Development, Kyoto University.  January 2009. 

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