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Graduate Certificate in College Pedagogy

Orientation to the skills, theories, traditions, and innovations of college teaching are essential to the preparation of future college faculty.  The Certificate in College Pedagogy offers IUB graduate students in any field of study the opportunity to develop and document their teaching accomplishments.  The certificate is designed to complement their field-based research with both disciplinary and transferable practices in teaching. By combining academic standards, methods, and literatures with practical experience, IU graduate students will be prepared to be outstanding higher education teachers, job candidates, and future faculty members.


The certificate is open to all Indiana University graduate students.  It is sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Education.


Students earn the certificate by satisfying four knowledge domains, including through courses taught by faculty in many departments across campus.


There are many ways to fulfill these requirements, including through many courses taught by faculty in departments across campus.

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